NumberTree has been created by an Ex banker with exposure to Sales, Risk Appraisal and Operations, all the three critical components of banking. The team was joined by further bankers who left their jobs at banks such as ICICI, KOTAK, HSBC, UNION Bank etc. NumberTree also has an advisory board consisting of very senior retired bankers from banks such as Union Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and institutions such as SEBI, LIC etc.

We noted the following during our banking days which led to creation of NumberTree:

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  • Promoters do not have time for chasing banks for funding and if they do, their business gets affected.
  • Most of the loan proposals get delayed affecting the cashflow and business.
  • Clients do not get the best deal from banks as they are not aware of the terms and policies of different banks for different Industries
  • Poor presentation many times leads to rejection of proposals both for loan and private equity
  • Banks face delay and lack of communication from the clients side.
  • Many of the proposals rejected by banks are doable if structured properly

Increased competition among financial institution makes it necessary to utilize finer quality of professional  help. SME segment remains under served and at the same time this sector is witnessing unprecedented growth thus requiring more and more finance and professional guidance. Advent of new banks with new products promises that banking will never be what it used to be a few years back.